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Going Solar

Going solar with Electro-Service

Electro-Service specialises in installing and servicing PV solar systems for domestic, commercial, and industrial clients. Whether you’re considering a smaller system to supplement your home electricity or needing to economically power a large industrial operation, there’s a solar system to suit your needs.

We offer our clients a full turnkey service, from the initial consultation through to installation and finally, helping with metering and connection to the grid. Our focus is always on quality work, using the best equipment and utilising the skills of our experienced Clean Energy Council Accredited installers’ workmanship.

Why go solar ?

Society is growing ever more dependent on electricity to power our homes and businesses. Our demand for electricity is constantly growing, along with our electricity bills! The average home to a family of four consumes around 25kWh of electricity per day. While this number may be reduced by using alternative energy sources such as gas, it can also increase dramatically if you include heating for a pool, a home office or air conditioning.

To enjoy your mod cons without breaking the bank, consider solar. It’s a great way to reduce your electricity bill while also reducing your household’s eco-footprint. Solar power is clean, renewable and readily available, making it a relatively inexpensive and appealing choice for consumers the world over.

How does it work ?

A correctly sized solar system can help to limit your power bills by allowing you to use the electricity produced by your solar panels to power your household appliances. Unused or excess power is not lost or wasted, it is exported back into the grid and in most cases your electricity provider will buy this power back from you.


What are the financial benefits ?

Solar has changed over the years. The 60c/kWh rebate has gone and is unlikely to return. However, the structure in which solar is delivered and charged has changed to suit the new generation. New solar systems are now feeding the power they produce into your home first. This means that you use the power that you are producing on your own rooftop to supply your own energy usage first, saving you 100% of your usage tariff for that power, then any excess supply is then fed back into the grid.

All energy suppliers’ tariffs are different. Although you may no longer be able to get 60c/kWh, there are still feed-in tariffs available of 20c/kWh and over from some service providers. We recommend you look at several providers and do some research to find the one with the best plan to suit your individual needs as these plans and rates change on a regular basis.

We strongly recommend our customers to shop around for the best energy plan deal once the system is installed and is running as there may be more competitive or suitable plans available. Rates in these plans change regularly and without notice, they are available from a large number of retailers, and all of which may differ based on your location.

Why choose us for solar

We recognise that every customer is different and has different needs. Rather than selling a one-size-fits-all solution, we take the time to listen to our customers and determine their needs in order to design the most suitable system for their requirements.

Our company prides itself on honesty and customer satisfaction above all else. We always strive to provide our customers with friendly, professional service and a finished product of the highest quality.

We are locally owned and operated and pride ourselves on the fact that Matthew himself will be taking the time to answer your calls, completing your site inspection, designing your system, and completing your installation himself along with his team. This along with our focus on superior workmanship sets us apart from the usual call centre or door-to-door salesmen with subcontract installer model so widely used in the industry.

Our process

From the first moment you contact Electro-Service Solar you will notice the difference. Firstly, your call will be answered by a technician, not a salesman!

We will then conduct a site inspection where we will come to you to measure up the job to ensure the best possible outcome. During this inspection we will identify any issues that may arise right from the get-go to ensure no nasty surprises later.

Our friendly staff will spend the time to talk to you to understand your needs, and a system will be designed and quoted to suit whatever those needs may be.

Upon acceptance of the quote Matthew and his team will come to complete your installation on the agreed date. This is another major difference with Electro-Service Solar as Matthew will be there with his team on the day to complete the installation which ensures continuity throughout the entire process.

Once your installation is completed, we will provide you with the required documentation to have your electricity meter upgraded with your electricity retailer.

Look forward to lower electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint!

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